Friday, September 29, 2017

The Nursing Home Diaries: Cravings

Well I am supposed to be on a diet in this place. However, the quality of food here is predominantly processed foods served with tons of gravy or mixed with loads of mayo. They supposedly have me on small portions. Sometimes they are small. Other times they look like everyone else's portion size.

Contrary to popular belief, all fat people do not just eat anything served to them. I have food texture issues and I am picky about the quality of my food unless I am in a junk food mood. I truly do not just eat anything. My personal diet is further restricted because I have gallstones. ugh!

Lately, I have begun having cravings. I think this is because of the additional restriction my gallbladder has created for me. I can't have spicy foods, no deep-fried food, no extra fatty foods, no citrus fruits, low acid period, low caffeine, and no white processed flour foods like white bread or pasta. That truly sucks. With those restrictions that means I really can't eat much of what they serve at this place.

My Margherita Pizza from Season's Pizza

So, my mother brings me dinner when she can. Which is usually a spinach salad with no dressing or a 6-inch veggie sub on whole grain flat bread from Subway. She even began eating wheat bread at home so I get treats like a turkey melt with tomato and no condiments.

With these restrictions I now have cravings. I really am craving Tex-Mex food like no other. I want a hard-shell taco supreme from Taco Bell, A chicken Chimichanga from El Jefe, some bar food chili nachos from Season's Pizza, soft shell shrimp tacos, Spanish rice, and some molè with refried beans. I want a chicken parm sandwich or sub. I want my mom's lasagna. I'd throat punch someone for some fruit snacks/gummies or Twizzlers. Oddly, I have not craved chocolate yet. Ohhh! I also want a stromboli and some lobster ravioli with fried calamari from The Macaroni Grill.

Courtesy of Kraft

Alas, I can't have any of those things. Some I could with some healthy changes but for the most part, nah!

Main Image Credit: Kraft