Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Nursing Home Diaries: Allergy, Cold, and Sinus

This week has not been a fun week for me one tiny little bit. The change in weather got me. My allergies started acting up, then I caught a cold, and a sinus infection set in.

Now being in a nursing home when you need any type of medication, even OTC type, your doctor must give the green light for it. So, the nurses initially just asked for some generic cold medicine. That stuff tasted too darn bad to be as useless as it was. I told the nurse on duty to call my doctor and tell her I need something on DayQuil and NyQuil level. If I were home, I would be taking DayQuil when I needed to stay awake and NyQuil when I needed to rest. I would be drinking lots of hot green and Chamomile tea with lemon. I would be getting lots of uninterrupted rest.

In a nursing home for short term care there is a mission for your health. This means during the first shift and perhaps the first two to three hours of the second shift, your time is not your own. So not only was I initially missing the right medicine component, I was also missing the rest component.

Now the weekend is here and this is perhaps the longest a cold has lasted with me, 6 days so far. I am not used to this because I usually am able to knock it out of within 4 days tops.

To make it worse, my sinuses are acting up. But I have my medicine that I asked my doctor for finally. As long as I am not laying flat -- the congestion flows back to my nose and throat -- I am pretty good. My voice is stronger, my head is not hurting, and I can think clearly for the first time all week.

I am praying that this leaves within the day or two because I am supposed to start trying to stand next week. I don't want this cold getting in the way. I had to say a prayer to not let any weapon formed against prosper. It seems like health issues keep popping up, like the gall bladder and this cold. I don't need anything else slowing down progress. I want to walk again and do for myself once more. I want to be help to my mother instead of a burden. So, I can't afford anymore setbacks.