Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Nursing Home Diaries: Pain and Irritability

Today I feel like crap. I am so tired and I am so sore. I don't like this feeling but I know it will last for some time. I am finally giving my body the workout it has been denied for three years.

My left side is worse than my right. The muscles in my back start hurting and today I felt a some burning with movements. The muscle is getting overworked because it hasn't been worked much for a good while.

My entire back is in pain from the shoulder are to my waist. They are screaming bloody murder today. I still do not have an order for ibuprofen. I can't wait for them to get stronger so they won't be such crybabies causing me pain and grief.

I'm not going to lie. That pain in my left side of my back makes me want to cry but I won't. The bad thing about me in pain is I can't think straight because of the pain. I also become irritable due to the pain.

So, my mother and Aunt came by to see me tonight. I was snippy with them because I was frustrated about the ibuprofen situation. This is where having a mama bear comes in handy. She called my doctor, and told her about my pain. The doctor told her to go directly to the nurse’s station and tell them to put in a request and she would make the order for me to have ibuprofen.

After three nights of waiting for the nurses that I asked about this to make the request, it finally gets done once mama intervenes. The pain is manageable now. No longer at crying, wanting to punch someone level anymore. I ask for OTC level pain relievers because I don't like taking other pain meds often. I only will accept something stronger at the hospital if the pain is debilitating. I don't want those meds to affect my mind and make me feel loopy.

Now I am at a place where I am my cheerful, nice self again. I can sleep in peace tonight. Thank you, God, for sending my mama to the rescue!

Image is meme found on social media.