Saturday, April 1, 2017

A to Z Films: About a Boy (2002)

Today is for the letter "A" and I am going to talk about the movie, "About A Boy" starring Hugh Grant and Toni Collette. I really like this movie and still watch it quite often since I own the DVD. I think it is one of Hugh Grant's underrated films.

Brief Synopsis

"About a Boy" is based on a novel. It is the story of a man-child named Will Freeman. Freeman is a lackadaisical player living from the royalties from a hit song his father wrote decades ago. Freeman has casual relationships with women but sometimes makes them think it is more than that. He even joined a support group for single parents to pick up women. There he meets a woman who leads to him to meet an awkward boy named Marcus Brewer and his eccentric mother who has some mental issues. Marcus becomes attached to Will and Will grows fond of the boy, though reluctantly. Will teaches Marcus to be more confident in himself and Marcus teaches Will to think of others besides himself. Along the way Will finds love and Marcus is able to build friendships with kids his own age.

Main Cast

Hugh Grant as Will Freeman
Nicholas Hoult as Marcus Brewer
Toni Collette as Fiona Brewer
Sharon Small as Christine
Rachel Weisz as Rachel
Natalia Tena as Ellie

What I Like About This Movie

The title isn't as much about the boy Marcus as it is about the man-child Will. Through being a form of support and escape for Marcus, Will learns to be more of an adult. Will ends up thinking of others and taking their feelings into consideration. This growth opens the door to his -- technically -- first mature relationship.

For me, this movie also serves as the perfect example of how a person settles down when they are mentally and emotionally ready. Will, was too immature to ever truly appreciate and respect being in a relationship with a good woman. When Will met Marcus and Marcus' mother, Fiona, he found the stepping stone that would lead him down the path to maturity. Once he found maturity, he was ready to appreciate and respect a good woman like Rachel.

Have you seen "About a Boy" yet? What are your thoughts on the film?