Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cookbook Review: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook

No, I am not trying to become a body builder. I do need to eat healthier and build muscle to help my mobility out. So, when I received the opportunity to review this cookbook I accepted. The recipes in this book are surprising. I wasn't expecting to see boiled chicken breast with bland vegetables. However, I was not expecting to see recipes that resembled some of the ones I grew up eating, either.

You may be wondering why I would want a cookbook that has recipes I already know in them. There is a twist. The recipes resemble the ones I grew up with but they have healthier ingredients in them.

I have been sick for a bit. I really have gotten into the soup and stew recipes. I have loved them like the Slow Cooker Beef Stew. I did have to omit the tomatoes because tomato products when I am sick are a no-go for me. I added in cabbage instead. It was delicious and filling.

Aside from the recipes, there were aspects about the format that I liked and one or two I did not like or felt were confusing. I liked that the table of contents also contained the caloric information for each recipe. I found that to be a great aspect of the book. Seriously, if you are on a set number of calories per day, this book makes it easy to plan by looking recipes that fit your caloric goals for the day. I love the supplemental information on muscle building and fat burning foods, index and conversion table.

At the bottom of each recipe is a key and caloric information guide. The key lets you know if a certain recipe is muscle building or fat burning. There were other letters on the key that I could not figure out. These additional abbreviations might be missing from my review copy but could be present in the consumer/final copy. Since I can only go from what I have in my possession, those other items on the key were confusing because there was no clear explanation about their function.

You do not need to be a body builder or even interested in body building to appreciate this cookbook. If you are like me and need to strengthen your muscles and lose weight for your health, this book is useful. Other than the key missing information, this cookbook is easy to use.

**I received a free review copy of this book. All opinion expressed are 100 percent my own**