Friday, April 1, 2016

TV from A to Z: The Walking Dead Season 4, "A"

It's day one of Between Sunshine and Rain's participation in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Today's post is about the season four finale episode of The Walking Dead simply titles, "A". I picked this episode because it featured a lot of good television moments for me three of which I will highlight in this post: Character Shift, Cliffhanger, and an Unforgettable Quote.

Character Shift

The character shift of Rick Grimes took place in this episode for me. Some may argue that it happened earlier and some may argue that happened much later. I understand that Rick's core character experiences many shifts. However, "A" is where I saw the pivotal shift, Rick's dormant beast finally emerges. From this episode going forward, I knew it would rear it monstrous head when necessary. I also knew it would fight for dominance or at least equal footing with Rick's good nature.

This character shift for me was significant because I saw the same shift in Shane Walsh, Rick's former best friend. Even though Shane's monster didn't need much coaching out and its full emergence was less bloody than Rick's it was the same shift. The trigger for the shift was the same, seeing oneself lose the person they love most. For Shane, it was losing his chance with Lori once Rick came back. For Rick, it was seeing that his son, Carl, was about to be raped and murdered.

The Cliffhanger

The season finale cliffhanger of any show is what audiences wait for. The Walking Dead serves cliffhangers up whether they be in the mid-season finale or the full-season finale. I loved how this cliffhanger was the perfect set up for three things:
  1. To reveal the true nature of Terminus
  2. An explosive season five opener
  3. Perhaps the best line of the series to date...

Notice how I did not give away too many details. I don’t want to completely ruin the experience for those who did not watch it.

An Unforgettable Quote

I alluded to the season four cliffhanger that "A" provided giving me the best line from the series to date. This line was presented in three ways depending on how you watched the episode. There is the highly censored version which aired March 30, 2014 where Rick proclaims, "They've messed with the wrong people."

Next, is another clean version with a little more punch seen on the digital and streaming versions of the episode, "They're screwing with the wrong people."

Last, is the version many knew Rick said based on the comics, and the version that made it to the DVD/Blue-ray season box set, "They're fucking with the wrong people."

These are the three reasons I chose to include "A" in this year's A to Z challenge. If you've seen this episode of The Walking Dead let me know your thoughts. It's okay if you don't agree with me just be respectful with your comments. If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix.

Main Image Credit: AMC (promotional image) All Rights Reserved by  AMC