Saturday, April 2, 2016

TV from A to Z: My So-Called Life, "Betrayal"

You might notice right away that I did not include the season in the title. This is because ABC's My So-Called Life only lasted one season. Don't let its single season status fool you. My So-Called Life was and still is a great show. It is one of the many shows that ended way too soon. I digress. Today's post focuses on the episode titled "Betrayal" and how the episode, along with the series, deals with timeless issues affecting teens.

If you ever read a synopsis of this episode you will see the mention of Rayanne Graff and Jordan Catalano betraying Angela Chase by having sex together. This is huge because Rayanne and Angela are BFFs and Jordan is Angela's ex-crush/almost boyfriend. This is the main betrayal of the episode. You know the girl/friend code places a friend's ex off limits. Well at least the ex is off limits until the friend moves on with a new relationship. At that point you still should ask if it is okay to move in on the ex. However, there are other betrayals at work in the episode.

Angela's other friend, Rickie Vasquez has had a crush on a guy named Corey Halfrick with whom Angela flirts with. Even though Corey is not homosexual, the friend code should have made Corey off limits for Angela.

There is the betrayal of invading someone's privacy. Brian Krakow is the reason why Angela and pretty much the whole school, knows that Rayanne and Jordan had sex. Brian videotaped the parking lot hook up by following the two leaving a local hangout.

The aftermath of these betrayals reveal truths. One important truth is that Rayanne secretly wants to be Angela. Not in the creepy Single White Female way. Rayanne wishes she was the good kid that came from a home with two parents.

I think this is one of the best episodes from My So-Called Life that is timeless. It touches on a lot of life themes that teens went through back in the 90s. These same themes still exist today and they existed for decades before the show was ever conceived.

As teens we understood these issues because we were living through a lot of them. I think as adults we should revisit episodes like this, especially if we have a teen in our life. It reminds us of what it was like, so we can better relate to our teens today.