Monday, April 4, 2016

TV from A to Z: AHS Freak Show, "Curtain Call"

"Curtain Call" is the finale of American Horror Story (AHS) season four, also called American Horror Story Freak Show. AHS Freak Show was my least favorite season of the series (this doesn't mean I didn't like it though; it was just weaker than the others). Ironically, "Curtain Call" was my favorite finale from the series.

This finale, was a winner for me. It no longer was a mash-up of Pleasantville and a B-Horror film. It had too much going on, sort like AHS Asylum but was lacked a bit of focus. "Curtain Call" saw the end of its most interesting and annoying character, Dandy Mott. Since AHS is a current series I will try not to give away more spoilers. Here is the gist in a list:
  • A serial killer gets his comeuppance
  • A complicated woman gets her dreams of stardom fulfilled
  • Same complicated woman realizes her heart belongs where she began
  • Surrender is the answer to peace
  • A woman who thought she'd never be a mother has a family of her own
  • A polyamorous relationship brings fulfillment
  • That complicated woman sings one last, eternal song with her family

Are you an American Horror Story fan? Which season is your favorite?

Main Image Credit: FX Networks promotional poster for season first run