Thursday, January 7, 2016

#Foodie Goodies from my #SpiceVoxBox


I wanted to share with you a couple of foodie goodies I got to try from one of my latest Vox Boxes given to me free from Influenster. A bag of Good Health Veggie Stix and Yogi Tea samples. I was excited to try both of these because I've never tried anything from either company before.

Yogi Tea

I tried two samples of Yogi Tea from their Energy Teas: Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy and Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy.

Sweet Tangerine had a smooth citrus flavor to it that was quite pleasant. I am not sure if it gave me energy or lifted my mood any. I did think it would make a nice pitcher of iced tea.

Vanilla Spice also had a smooth flavor to it. This tea had a mild vanilla spice flavor which was satisfactory. There was no noticeable energy boost or mind focus (I didn't get any writing done that day).

Of the two tea samples I prefer Sweet Tangerine more. Yogi Teas are more about well-being and seem more of a diet aid than just a beverage. I am not really in the market to drink tea as a dietary aid. I drink tea for flavor and to relax. I don't really think Yogi Teas are going to be added to my Bigelow, Tazo and Celestial Seasonings line up.


Good Health Veggie Stix Sea Salt

First I just have to say that these things are awesome! My mother and I snacked on them all day long. She even wanted to buy more but, the Veggie Stix are not sold in any of the stores in our town. These stix are not just good but good for you as well. They are loaded with veggie goodness from spinach, tomatoes, beets, broccoli, and carrots. They are made from potatoes but are infused with the nutrients and flavors of these veggies. If you see them in your local market give them a try. They are delicious!

  From the foodie items in the Influenster #SpiceVoxBox, the Good Health Veggie Stix are my favorite. While they are not sold in a store me I will be on the lookout for other Good Health items in store when I go grocery shopping.

I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.