Friday, April 17, 2015

Onion Bagel Sandwich Loving

I like bagels but I am obsessed with onion bagels. They are quite possibly the best bagels. Yes, I will pick an onion bagel over an everything or sun-dried tomato bagel -- both are loved by me as well. There is something about an onion bagel that brings an ordinary sandwich alive for me.

The Best Onion Bagel Sandwiches

I do like eating my onion bagel lightly toasted with some cream cheese spread over it. I love using their toasted goodness for sandwiches and here are five of my favorite onion bagel sandwiches:
  1. Cheesy Eggs and Bacon on a Toasted Onion Bagel
  2. Bacon and Mushroom Cheeseburger on Pan-Toasted Onion Bagel
  3. Salmon Cake Bagel Sandwich
  4. Turkey Melt on Grilled Onion Bagel
  5. Cheesesteak Bagel Sandwich

Do you eat or make bagel sandwiches?
What are your favorite combinations?

Main Image Credit: Arnaud 25 via Wikipedia Commons