Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mash-Up Lovin'

If you ever watched Glee or any other singing television program, then you are probably familiar with the term mash-up. When it comes to food, a mash-up is mixing two dishes or two items that don't seem to go together.

A few days ago, I posted the recipe for one of my mash-ups -- the jam and ricotta spread. That is a simple mash-up. Some do extravagant mash-ups that take the creation into a whole other realm known as Frankenfood.

Whether it is a simple mash-up or a Frankenfood, the idea of mixing one or more dishes together into one glorious or freaky creation is awesome. It shows that food is not stuck in a rut. These awesome culinary creations are achieved every day.

Now, I am going to eat one of my favorite mash-ups, a spaghetti sandwich. All you do is butter one slice of bread, place a spoonful of spaghetti w/sauce inside, fold, and eat.

What are your favorite mash-ups?

Main Image Credit: Bojangles -  turduckenhen., CC0,