Thursday, March 19, 2015

Warm Weather Means Road Trip Time!

Spring is a couple of days away! Those coveted warm temperatures are close at hand which means it is time to get a little traveling in. You don't have to fly to some exotic location, or even have a long road trip. A mini day trip out on the road to just enjoy the weather is the perfect way to usher in the season.

Mini Spring Day Trips Break Up the Monotony

I love just taking a few hours and riding to park that is 30- to 90 minutes away for a change of scenery. Go out with a few friends to just catch up, have fun, and enjoy spring. Mini trips like this give you a quick pick me up to break up the monotony of your day-to-day life. You definitely need one after spending almost the entire winter behind the four walls of your home and workplace. A change of scenery with a few friends you probably haven't seen in a few months is good for you.


My Last Spring Day Trip

Last spring my best friend and I did just that. We took a mini day trip to a park to relax and catch up. You can't have a day at the park with no food or drink. We picked up some chicken, shrimp, crab legs, a salad, and a sweet potato crumb cake (if you've never had a sweet potato cake I highly recommend you try one). We also got soda and tea.

It was fun and it really improved our moods. I plan to do this again this spring with one little exception. I did not plan well for beverages last time. It's not that we did not have enough to drink. I did not have the proper container for my drinks. I do not like to have open drinks. I am always afraid of a bug flying into it or someone knocking it over and spilling on me.


I Am Ready to Go with a New Travel Companion

This year, thanks to Francois et Mimi, I have an insulated travel mug to travel with me. It looks like a regular travel mug for coffee. It is double-walled and holds 16oz of liquid. What I love about this mug is that it maintains temperature for a few hours. Hot beverages stay warm for about 2.5 hours and cold beverages remain cool for even longer than that.

These Francois et Mimi travel mugs are easy to clean. They come in a set of two. So you can get one for you and one for your bestie. My mug is travelling with me everywhere I go. This summer it will truly be handy keeping my drinks cool on those hot summer days. Yes, you can use any type of beverage in this mug. I've drank wine in it because I wanted it to remain chilled longer. I highly recommend getting this set.

Start Planning Your Spring Day Trip

Begin planning a day for this weekend. Call your girls up or make it romantic with your significant other. Pick your destination. Plan you food and drink selections. Find a travel mug to keep your drinks cooler longer.

Do you take day trips during the spring?
Where do you like to go?

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