Thursday, February 19, 2015

Silly Mini Vacay Mishaps With The BFF

After college, my BFF and I wanted to travel. Well, we have traveled to different places since college. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go global together due to those pesky things called work and finances. So the BFF and I found ways to take mini vacays together to catch up, unwind, and just act silly for a few days. I have to say they do help to recharge us and I know they help my sanity. Regardless of where we go something gets us all turned around each trip.

Directions Don't Like Us Much

I don't care where we go, the BFF and I always end up down the wrong path trying to get to or trying to leave our hotel. Directions messed with us first after we graduated college. We went to the Baltimore Harbor for a Gospel weekend and to meet up with a friend. Getting to the hotel was not much of an issue. Leaving was where we got turned around. We ended up in Druid Hill Park, not the interstate.

Street Addresses Are Not All The Same

Around Northern Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania street addresses work in a logical order. Odd numbers are on one side, even numbers on the other. However, this was not the case for Williamsburg, Virginia in 2007. Trying to find this Japanese sushi place was a trip and a half in itself. I remember the address was an even number so the BFF had me looking on each side to see where the even numbers were. That sure did not work! There was a mix on each side and they were not all in numerical order! It was daylight when we left the hotel and dusk by the time we found Kyoto. Thank God, the food was delicious because I would have hated to go through all of that for mediocre food.

Hotels Sometimes Play Tricks On You

For my 35th birthday, the BFF and I went to Atlantic City. I am not going to say which hotel we stayed at but getting to point A to point B was like a maze. You had to take a certain elevator to reach the food court. A different set of elevators only went to a certain level. You have to take two different elevators or stairwells to get to the exercise room. It was bananas. Once you figured it out, it was all good! It would have been really frustrating if we were only there for two days instead of five.

I-95 Likes to Give You Left Exits

At the time we encountered our first left exit it was weird to us. Now we are used to them but I still think they are weird. When we looked at the directions and it said to turn left while still on I-95, we thought someone made a mistake. Then we started seeing these darn things. It just feels weird to make a left on an interstate highway.

Even with our little mishaps, the BFF and I always have fun. When we return home, back to the daily grind, we are refreshed. Our next mini vacay should be up next year. It would have been this year but I had a health set back I am still recovering from. So we have to go off schedule now. I think I might want to save up for Atlanta. Need to discuss with her to see how that can play out.

Do you go on vacation with your BFF?
Have any places you like to frequent?