Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Wine Review: Wonderful Wine Co. Red Blend

Bringing a little sunshine your way with this review of Wonderful Wine Co. (WWC) Red Blend. Last month, I reviewed another WWC wine, their 2013 rosé. As with the rosé, this WWC Red Blend comes from Club W.

WWC Red Blend Specifics

Club W starts off describing the WWC Red Blend as "easy-to-drink". It is a blend of four wines with Cabernet Sauvignon as the foundation, Zinfandel and Syrah at the heart, with a touch of Barbera for spice and cherry tartness. The smell is described as a grape bubble gum scent. However, I liken the smell to the fruitiness of the grape juice used for communion wine in some churches. In fact, the color is the purple of grape juice.
"It's all about jammy, fruity flavor...a sweet, candied fruit scent that leads to tons of juicy flavor."
This flavor description taken from the Club W site is not off the mark. However, fruity flavor is not to be misconstrued for sugary sweetness or even the level of sweetness grapes naturally have off the vine. The “fruity flavor” is the heart of what the grape is, meaning you immediately get the essence of grape flavor when you sip this wine.

Is the WWC Red Blend a Good Value?

Honestly, I am surprised to find such a wine for only $13.00. I am glad it is this price. If you are ready to make the leap from sugary off-wines like Arbor Mist and commit to the real thing, the WWC Red Blend is a great wine to start drinking. I know a lot of you "Scandal" fans like to drink red wine on Thursdays. Judging from some of the wines I read people are drinking, you are stuck in the sugary sweet venue of dessert wines and yes, the Arbor Mist lightweights. This wine is a step up into training your palette for truer wine flavors.

For the price, you are getting a red that is rich with a tart, juicy flavor. I will caution you to be mindful while drinking this wine. I had to stop myself at two glasses; otherwise, I would have drunk the entire bottle right before writing this review. If I had done that this review would be like one long drunken text message!

Final Thought about the WWC Red Blend

I am in love with this wine. While you can drink this wine solo, I do not recommend it. This wine is meant for food pairing. You don't need a fancy meal either. I drank this with the following Pizza Hut pizza:
  • Stuffed crust with basked Asiago cheese on top of crust
  • Pineapples
  • Peruvian Cherry Peppers
  • Black Olives
  • Ham
  • Bacon
Let me tell you, the sweetness of the Peruvian cherry peppers works deliciously with this red wine. What I really adore about this wine is that it lingers with you. I still have the juicy taste lingering on my tongue. One word of caution, the richness of the Red Blend also lends to its dark color clinging to the glass and more than likely your teeth. So make sure you use that whitening toothpaste or treatment to prevent staining.

Do you like red wine?
What food pairings do you like to with your favorite red?

Main Image Courtesy of Club W