Monday, December 29, 2014

Tea Off: Candy Cane Lane vs Plantation Mint

I like drinking tea. Whether it is decaf or not, drinking a cup of hot tea with sugar always soothes me. While the standard black or orange pekoe teas are lovely, I do prefer the extra kick to my taste buds flavored teas give me. Now it is time for me to compare two of my favorite minty teas: Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane versus Bigelow Tea Plantation Mint.

Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea

This tea was my first flavored tea experience I fell in love with it from the first sip. It has a rich mint flavor that is not overpowering but strong enough to leave a lasting note on your tongue. The smell of it is heavenly to me. The combination of taste and smell makes for a delightful tea drinking experience.

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea

This is my second favorite minty tea. It is not as strong as the Plantation Mint but the taste is soothing. It does not have as strong of an aroma either. For bedtime it is a great tea to have. Plus, it is a green tea so you have the antioxidant power of green tea working for you. Perhaps the green tea aspect of it is why the flavor and aroma are mild?

I do prefer Plantation Mint over Candy Cane Lane. However, for the holidays, Candy Cane Lane seems the fitting choice -- especially with sugar cookies!

Do you like mint tea? Which brand is your favorite? 

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